TKH4711- Basketball A*Tack*Mat with 90 Pads

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TKH4711- Basketball A*Tack*Mat with 90 Pads

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Basketball A*TACK*MAT with 90 Tear-off Tacky Pad Sheets. Removes dirt and dust from the surface of your shoes. Perfect for basketball courts, wrestling mats, offices, and everyday use. Customize with your school name, team mascot, or business logo. When a tacky pad sheet gets dirty just tear it off and the next sheet is ready to go!



A*Tack*Mat is a tacky mat that helps remove impurities for any location that you would like to keep clean. Our sticky mats feature a tacky surface which removes dirt and dust from shoe surfaces before they can contaminate a basketball floor, a wrestling mat, an office, or even your home. Theyre also easy to use! Once the top layer is dirty simply remove and discard. A*Tack*Mats provide dirt and dust control for hardwood floors carpets, and many other surfaces. These mats are perfect as you step on the court, hit the wrestling mat, or everyday use.

*Customize with your team mascot, name of your school, or your business logo.

*Includes 90 sticky mat sheets

*31x24in base pad w/ 30x23in stickt mats

*Replacement Sticky mats available


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