TKH343- A Saint in the City

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TKH343- A Saint in the City

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This book will give you a better understanding of life in the inner city and the struggle for the kids who live there. You will realize that society has changed and you develop a new insight on how to be a more effective coach, teacher, parent, or student-athlete in this new society. With those truths learned, The authors hope is that you will take some action and find the time to invest in a young person who is similar to those in each chapter. His goal is for you to sincerely change after reading this book. Have a desire to change somebody else and take action by giving back, spending time and putting forth the extra effort in that somebody, with that you will eventually change the world. Bottom line, He wants you to be a champion, to demonstrate excellence, and above all, to be a “Saint in your city.”



Society is rife with inspirational teachers who have taken on seemingly insurmountable challenges and wrestled victory from the jaws of defeat. Such is the case in A Saint in the City, the touching memoir from Santa Ana High School wrestling coach, Scott Glabb. Glabb’s life story highlights the rewards of true grit and determination.

The students that Glabb helped to save were more than just behaviorally-challenged malcontents; many were from crime-laden backgrounds, and nearly all never saw a reason to hope for anything until he came along. In such situations, the temptation is always to put forth a minimal amount of effort before walking away, frustrated; Glabb, though, not only stared adversity directly in the face, he also pressed on in spite of it. As a result, his story stands out from so many others who tend to give in at the first sign of trouble, as his efforts remind us that the greatest victories are always the hardest fought. Uplifting, inspiring, and with a triumphant tone, A Saint in the City is a supremely encouraging read.


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