Courtclean® Maintenance

Courtclean Maintenance Tips

To maintain your floor in the optimum condition, start a daily maintenance program. Clean the floor first thing every morning and then just before practice or game time.

Cleaning is as easy as 1…2…3…

1. Simply attach the swivel rope ends to the nylon strap or metal fastener at each end of the Courtclean® applicator. 

2. Dampen the custom Courtclean® towel in cleaning solution or plain water. 

3. Wring out the towel so it is damp to the touch. 

4. Lay the towel out flat on the floor. 

5. Place the patented Courtclean® applicator on the towel. 

6. Attach the towel using the patented Courtclean® fastening system. 

7. You’re now ready to Courtclean®. 

8. Upon completion remove the towel and launder.

Get the best results

Starting at one wall and working with the grain of the wood, pull the Courtclean® across the floor.

You can adjust the towel periodically for dirtier floors, so there is no need to reattach new towels, simply “unhook” the towel, set the Courtclean® applicator back about 6” on the towel and reattach.

If additional moisture is needed, squirt a little water/cleaning solution from a plastic bottle in front of the Courtclean® applicator as you pull.

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